Board of Directors

Board of Directors

David Massey Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dave Massey has been in the roofing industry for over 30 years. Beginning in his early 20s, Dave started in the roofing industry with installing solar rooftops for rooftop hot water systems. As the industry began to change, he started to focus on roofs specifically. In 1989, Dave opened up his own roofing company and started installing residential roofs in the San Diego area. He owned the largest residential roofing company in San Diego with the trusted name of Secure Roof. In 2008, they saw the vision of PV Solar being installed on the roofs in California as the green energy movement began.

Donald Pierce Independent Director

Mr. Pierce is an accomplished executive and management consultant with over 50 years of diversified business, executive, and capital markets experience with both public and private companies across various sectors. Since 2012 he has led DLP Consulting, a management consulting practice focused on helping senior executives at small public companies with multi-location businesses on strategy setting, brand building, and performance management. His prior executive management experience includes President and CEO of Triarc Restaurant Group (owner of Arby’s Inc.), President of Kentucky Fried Chicken International, and President and COO of Denny’s Inc.

Jason Newby Director, CEO Future Home Power & Enerev

Jason Newby is an accomplished solar executive, having served as Regional Sales Director for Vivint Solar before founding Future Home Power – which was later acquired by Solar Integrated Roofing. Currently, Jason serves as President of Kinetic Investments where he spearheads investments into real estate, equities and cryptocurrencies.

Craig S. Widdes Director, President of Roofing, Southern California

Craig S. Widdes is a seasoned construction industry veteran with over 40 years’ leadership experience in business management, sales, general construction and all aspects of roofing. His expertise provides him with deep insight into the industries Solar Integrated Roofing serves and a diverse knowledge of strategy, finance, and operations. Since 2005, Mr. Widdes has served as Territory Manager for ProAm Construction, specializing in roofing, decking and general contracting. Prior to that, he owned and operated two construction companies, Widdes Construction and Widdes Roofing. Mr. Widdes graduated from San Diego State University in 1981.

Pablo Diaz Director

Pablo Diaz is the founder of USA Solar Networks LLC where, since 2011, he has been party to over 8500 solar installations. He has in his career structured over $250 million dollars for solar projects throughout the US and Canada. A recognized industry expert, he has been featured in over 30 publications and media outlets, including the Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, and Yahoo Finance. In 2020, Pablo was awarded the Top Dynamic CEO by CEO Magazine.

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