David Massey Chief Executive Officer

Dave Massey has been in the roofing industry for over 30 years. Beginning in his early 20s, Dave started in the roofing industry with installing solar rooftops for rooftop hot water systems. As the industry began to change, he started to focus on roofs specifically. In 1989, Dave opened up his own roofing company and started installing residential roofs in the San Diego area. He owned the largest residential roofing company in San Diego with the trusted name of Secure Roof. In 2008, they saw the vision of PV Solar being installed on the roofs in California as the green energy movement began.

Troy Clymer Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation and CEO of Balance LLC a wholly owned SIRC subsidiary

Troy Clymer is an operator who is the COO of SIRC and is a founder & CEO of Balance LLC (acquired by SIRC in April 2021, 35 FTE W2s). Since 2013, Balance has been the nation’s leading Business Process Outsourcing firm for Contractors. Balance serves as SIRC’s Shared Services Center. Balance provides revenue, back-office, accounting, and services such as estimating, supplementing, customer service support in roofing, solar, finance, asset mgmt., training and other 3rd party admin. Troy is President of Board for the industry leading 501C6 non-profit The Catalyst Group and is a Board Advisor to the American Policy Holders Association. Prior to founding Balance, Troy served in a variety of Director and VP level leadership roles in Operations and Sales at public & private companies such as Monster.com, NEXXT (formerly Beyond.com) and Ricoh International.

Wanda Witoslawski Chief Financial Officer

Wanda has served in progressively responsible financial positions for private and public companies over the past twenty years.  Her experience includes Controllers and CFOs positions in mortgage, asset management, manufacturing and transportation industries where she managed accounting functions for a staff from 4 to 1,350 employees and up to 200,000,000 credit facility. Over the course of her career Wanda has managed over 20 external financial audits.  While serving as CFO, her responsibilities typically extended beyond accounting, budgeting and planning, finance relationships, acquisition analysis, and cash management to overseeing human resources, information technology, legal matters, and risk management.

Previous employers include:

Eide Bailly LLP, United Rail, Inc., Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. and Shearson Financial Network.

Wanda Witoslawski does not currently possess any other board memberships, nor does she currently have any other affiliations.

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